On an electric kiln what temperature controller settings do I use?

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1 Answer

Each kiln varies according to size, type of construction, age of elements. Work carefully and systematically. Try the lower settings and observe the change in temperature over time. Record the temperature on a time chart.(see diagram) Make adjustments according to the rate of rise. Keep in mind the desired end temperature and the time it will take. There are two main types of kiln, 1.Electric and 2.Gas. 1.1. An electric kiln has a regulator knob usually with a indicator dial showing 1-5, Low-High, or 0-100%. The adjustment varies the time the power to the elements is on and off. So there is a click ON- sounds of operation- then OFF- silence (at low this maybe for a minute)- then click ON again, and so on. It is a good idea when first turning the kiln on, to stand around to hear the first sounds of operation, because often something needs to be set correctly for this to happen. 2.1. A gas kiln has burners with a non-calibrated adjusting tap. The adjustment increases the amount of gas ... more
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