Personal Injury: How Long Will a Lawsuit Take?

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1 Answer

Everyone who has suffered a serious injury asks "how long will my case take?" In most cases, the answer is one year or less. In the hands of a certified specialist, recognized for special training and skill by The State Bar of California, it is possible in most Northern California counties to bring a lawsuit for personal injuries to conclusion in one year, providing the lawsuit is promptly filed and aggressively prosecuted. Defendants gain from delay and every effort has to be made to push for the earliest possible trial date. One sign of unsophisticated legal advice is when the claimant is told that it is necessary to allow an injury to heal before being able to decide whether or not a settlement should be made. A recommendation of this type is rank amateurism because 99% of all cases will settle. The only question in most cases of good liabililty is what amount is fair and reasonable under the facts of a given case and what can and should be done to maximize the recovery for the ... more
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