Please note: the following special characters are NOT allowed by Banner &$"#()'`/;<>, = What are the steps for logging into Banner INB?

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The first time you connect to Banner you may be prompted to download the Oracle JInitiator plugin. Since this is needed to connect to Banner please complete this process. Note: Certain plug-ins, in particular Google, Yahoo, or other toolbars, can cause problems connecting to Banner. It is recommended that you do not install these plug-ins on your computer. Who do I talk do if I'm having problems logging into Banner? Please contact the UIS Help Desk at (202) 687-4949 or help @ georgetown.edu for help in resolving issues attempting to log into Banner. How do I find out what I have access to in Banner and how do I get access to the form I need? For details on what data and screens you have access to in Banner please talk to your Data Steward. Similarly, work with your manager and your Data Steward to obtain access to additional forms. Access requests typically take at least 72 hours to be granted. Who do I talk to for help with my Banner content questions? Your Data Steward or the ...
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