Pokemon Leaf Green Version -- Where is Blaine?

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1 Answer

ok go into the pkmart & buy some ESCAPE ROPES & MAX REPELS now go inside the mansion use a MAX REPEL & go upstairs now flip the switch on your left then go right, up & left through the gate & upstairs flip the switch on your right & go through the gate talk 2 the scientist who'll say he knows nothing about a key and 2 jump off over there LEFT do so you'll see another scientist fight him if you want 2 get your pkmn team a little stronger now go down & right & take the steps go up,left & down you'll see a 3rd scientist & switch fight the scientist then flip the switch & go through the gate go up,right , down,right & up 2 see a 4th scientist go past him into the cubicle there and flip the switch then come out & left take the key off the table & use your escape rope the gym is now open go fight blaine then fly back 2 viridian 2 fight giovanni and if your team is very strong 2 take on the E4 GLAD 2 HELP :) more
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