Potassium Content In Virgin Coconut Oil Is The Potassium Level In VCO Overdosage For Kidney Patient?

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1 Answer

According to Dr James F. Batch M.D. and Dr Phyllis A. Batch CNC. book on 揚rescription for Nutrition Healing?, the potassium requirement for those with kidney disease is 99 mg daily. A healthy person will require 125 ?250 mg daily based on their level of activity however our potassium intake should be equivalent to our sodium intake. This is to regulate the blood pressure within the body. In a 120 ml Orifera VCO, the amount of potassium is about 432.7 mg. Each day, a person takes about 2 tablespoon which is an equivalent of 20 ml. Ideally, each bottle will be consumed within 6 to 7 days. Assuming a 6 day consumption, the amount of potassium consumed daily is only 72 mg. If you still concerned, please consult your GP on this matter.
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