Pros and Cons about Barbie Dolls for children. What are they?

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Some girls have a problem with Barbie as a fashion icon, and there is much talk of Barbie being too slim to be an appropriate role model for children. But I think the problem is in the interactions with mother and grandmother or other adult that are needed in order to give Barbies to young girls; I mean young enough to carry them around by their hair and so on. They need to be old enough to understand respecting the doll so as not to ruin it. How to change the clothes without damaging either the clothes or the doll, which dolls are just for pretty, and not to change, and some assistance with whatever fantasy stories one makes up about the dolls to avoid either injury to child or doll and to have some feedback on the imaginary world. It's all very well for girls to "imagine" all sorts of things with dolls, but older sister or mother or auntie or someone needs to be around to ask questions as they occur regarding what happens in real life. I would not give a Barbie out of the box to a ... more
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