recently my illustrator keeps running really slow, takes ages to load a file or just freezes all together , how can i fix this problem?

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2 Answers

you may be running out of memory on your computer... that's usually the cause of computer's slowing down... if it's specifically related to your illustrator program only, then it may be due to the current file size you're working on AND how much memory is left on your computer... each file you save will make it run a tad slower... try deleting old .ai files that you don't need... once you've done that, copy all remaining files to a thumb drive... they're around $40 - $50 for 2gb drives... once you're 100% sure that your files have copied over to the thumb drive, delete all .ai files on your C drive... re-start your computer, re-start illustrator and see what happens... if this doesn't work still, do everything i said plus uninstall illustrator and re-install it again.... you may also need to have more RAM installed... check out the max capability of your computer and x-ref with how much you already have in there... take it to best buy to install if you don't know how to do it ...
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Probably your illustrator files are corrupted and freeze the working of your computer, make use adobe illustrator file repair software


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