Recommendations for moving to Canada

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We’re thinking of moving our family to Montreal, any tips on neighborhoods, carriers?


The first tip is you need to find a good moving company. If you are in Los Angeles now, these guys can help you


Some important facts

  • French. Different vibe, language and culture. Quebec does move on a different wavelength than the rest of Canada, and that’s normal seeing its history. Montreal, in my opinion, has a good English/French relationship. Even though you hear stories, it is the exception, not the rule. I maintain that the best way for you to fully enjoy the city is to be bilingual or at least be functional in both English and French.
  • Montreal isn’t centralized. By this I mean downtown isn’t where it all goes down. The great thing about this city is that each area has its charm and spots. Outremont/Mile-End, Le Plateau, La Patrie, Sainte-Anne de Bellevue, etc – all spots that have their specific charm.
  • Housing and rent that is ACTUALLY affordable (well, compared to Toronto/Vancouver for sure). Despite being one of the largest cities in Canada, Montreal is pretty affordable. Assuming you want to live off island and drive a car, it’s even more affordable.
  • Summer – Once the snow melts, the city explodes with events. People seem to be buzzing with energy. It’s almost palpable. Oh – a lot of green space!

I would choose the Eastern area, good value for money. Use these guys – for moving services