Recommendations for moving to Canada

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Emeli Carrolls Demi Cameron edited answer

We’re thinking of moving our family to Montreal, any tips on neighborhoods, carriers?

Demi Cameron Demi Cameron edited answer

The first tip is you need to find a good moving company. If you are in Los Angeles now, these guys can help you


Some important facts

  • French. Different vibe, language and culture. Quebec does move on a different wavelength than the rest of Canada, and that’s normal seeing its history. Montreal, in my opinion, has a good English/French relationship. Even though you hear stories, it is the exception, not the rule. I maintain that the best way for you to fully enjoy the city is to be bilingual or at least be functional in both English and French.
  • Montreal isn’t centralized. By this I mean downtown isn’t where it all goes down. The great thing about this city is that each area has its charm and spots. Outremont/Mile-End, Le Plateau, La Patrie, Sainte-Anne de Bellevue, etc – all spots that have their specific charm.
  • Housing and rent that is ACTUALLY affordable (well, compared to Toronto/Vancouver for sure). Despite being one of the largest cities in Canada, Montreal is pretty affordable. Assuming you want to live off island and drive a car, it’s even more affordable.
  • Summer – Once the snow melts, the city explodes with events. People seem to be buzzing with energy. It’s almost palpable. Oh – a lot of green space!

I would choose the Eastern area, good value for money. Use these guys – for moving services