Renovation of the house and garden improvement

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Alexia Hunt Alex edited answer

I look for good design interior ideas and garden improvement. How do I build the perfect patio?

Alex Alex edited answer

Recently, I met with my housemate and talked about watering greenery on the territory. I told him that I have a very high water consumption, as my timer on the hose apparently broke. He said that he bought himself a new one a couple of weeks ago and he had no problems with it. He recommended this website Hose Timers to me, with the top of the best timers. I was very grateful to him and I hope I will order one of them.


Hey! I’ve also wanted to do backyard beautification for a long time. Only I don’t understand anything about it. Therefore, the husband offered to contact a company that will do everything. Then I started looking for a company. I read various websites and read forums. But one of the forums discussed landscape design. One user suggested, where they can find help with my issue. And finally, the improvement of our courtyard has begun. All repair work lasted about a month. We now have a superb backyard where we often hang out with family and friends. I wish you the best of luck with your patio renovation!

June Manning

Not so long ago I moved to a new house, it was my dream. The renovation was made in 5 months, it’s quite fast I suppose. I have a cozy patio and I can recommend just one thing based on my personal experience. Install patio privacy screen in order to create a private space and protect yourself from bugs, wind, and noise.