Replace water pump on a 2004 Jeep Liberty?

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How hard would it be to replace a water pump in a 2004 jeep liberty sport? When the car is started it makes noises and if you look closely the water pump is moving a bit in and out would that indicate that it is the water pump and if so. What would be the process of getting this fixed? how hard would it be? and how time consuming? I have a warrenty, but it has a 250 deductible and the part in only $50 so would it be better for me to fix or to take to a shop? A: I would take it to the shop. Sure it's easy to say save the money and do it yourself but what if something goes wrong like a broken bolt or something. Besides at a shop they warranty their labor so if something goes wrong they are responsible. You can also use the service receipt as proof that you took care of the car if you ever try to sell it. You also need to think about if you doing the work yourself would void the warranty. more
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