Role Of Assignments In Supporting Learning

Walter D. Smith

Assignments have a number of roles in the life of a student and also have negative as well as positive impacts on the student as well. However, the role they play in supporting learning is explained in further detail below.

Impact of assignments

When a student works to make an assignment, he puts effort into it. This effort teaches the student the importance of hard work and he realizes that nothing comes easy. When hard work is done in earnest, its rewards are reaped with ease. This also teaches them that in their professional lives, they should not take short cuts, and instead should take the long route to get their work done without caring how long or hard it is. This is how they will get the best benefits like a good work ethic which will then also be praised by their superiors. Moreover, when they conduct research whilst making their assignments, they learn how important research is and how to do it the right way. They learn that plagiarism is an offence with severe and quite serious consequences and should not at all be taken lightly as it is basically like stealing someone’s work. Moreover, research can also teach students different types of random facts that will surely be good for their intellect and development of their brain. There are assignments given to students nowadays that require quite an imagination as well as good creative skills so the assignment acts as a way for the child to hone their creative skills as well as develop their imagination in such a way that they majorly think outside the box for most problems which further helps their problem solving skills. Another thing that getting assignments teaches students is that fact that with their school work and extracurricular activities they have to find time to finish their assignments which can only be done if they procrastinate less and rather they do all their work in the allotted time by being productive rather than lazy. This teaches them the importance of time management and how to do it effectively to make the most out of their time so that they do not waste it. Moreover, when students conduct research over a specific topic, they gather extra information about it, which then helps them understand the topic better than before because whilst conducting the research they look at different kinds of assignment help videos and pictures which explain all the different aspects of a topic and helps auditory or visual learners learn better. Thus, all the extra information they have collected helps them score better on tests and examination and this helps improve their academic performance. If their academics are at a high and they are balancing all their other activities with these assignments and schoolwork they get, the students are sure to get into amazing colleges of their own choices and can even win them scholarships to help with the tuition. Whilst working within a group, the students learn the importance of teamwork as well which is extremely important and when working within a group a lot of different personalities work together. The group can include people who have dominating personalities as well and people like that are not always easy to get along with which can lead to arguments but the assignments still has to get done so the student learns how to work with all the different kinds of people. This will be beneficial for them when they work proper professional jobs because they will come across a lot of different people and they will have to work with them without thinking of their personalities or the faults those very personalities have so assignments and group work prepares the child for the future. Moreover, all the students in the group also learn the importance of allocating their resources efficiently because it is obvious that in one group that is composed of several different kinds of people, there will be one child good at research, one will be good at making a model, and one other will be good at something else and so on. So the children play to their strengths to maximize all the efforts of the group as a whole. This teaches them that different children have different strengths which should be brought into the limelight. However, assignments like these also tend to have their drawbacks as well, like getting distracted whilst working in a group or fights breaking out due to delayed decision making skills. Other problems that might arise are problems like students feeling overburdened and forgoing their sleep and health to complete their assignments which can then cause a variety of health issues but assignments like the ones teacher give have their pros as well so these should be acknowledged.

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