sex with whores

Jeromana123 Posted

Why do some feminists defend a woman who has had pre-marital sex and lost her virginity but rebuke a man for having pre-marital sex with whores?

Kamal Pace

Your offer sounds so vomity. How can you offer garbage like this to people? Are you so hungry that you can’t get laid at all? I think you must click this link and start dating real women with a possibility to build serious relationship with them. They will never behave in any inappropriate way and never disgrace you in public!


Hopefully, you’re doing this because you like sex. You are learning more and more about your sexual desires and preferences with each “random” partner you choose. You are empowering yourself by choosing physical pleasure when you want it. More like girls from the escort agency in my town Сheshire


Real feminists, as stated on the other answers, do not condemn any kind of sexual relationship except the ones that aren’t consensual.
As for “having sexual relationships with a whore”, it has been proven that most of those girls are being forced into prostitution,