Should I do hormone therapy?

Fanni Too

Good day to all. My husband was diagnosed with a testosterone deficiency. And offer to treat hormone therapy. Therefore, I decided to ask you who did testesterone injections? How long does the treatment last and is the effect of the procedure? And another question is which clinic you went to?


juste dix minutes et c’est ça? comment vivez-vous de cette façon? Ecoute, je pense que tu as besoin de ces pilules, mon ami les utilise levitra generique pas cher  et il dit qu’elles l’aident beaucoup. il dit qu’il peut le faire pendant au moins une heure s’il les utilise.


To make a proper decision visite online hgh clinic and schedule a consultation with a specialist.

Brent Foust

It depends on your medical condition. Consult your physician, discuss about the risk and benefits of hormone therapy. Your physician is the right person to decide whether hormone therapy is right for you or not

Demi Cameron

I bet you need to contact your insurance company and check where they can cover all the costs. Such therapy is expensive. I think you may find more info here

Illinka Erika

Hormones unfortunately many are not fine. This is a disruption of the endocrine system. If you miss it will only get worse. Evsli doctor recommends, it is worth listening