Should I take bromelain or drink pineapple juice before and after my surgery to help with bruising and swelling?

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This is up to you and your cosmetic surgeon. Many physicians and plastic surgeons believe that bromelain (which is derived from pineapple) can help decrease enzyme. Proteolytic enzymes dissolve proteins. Other products or herbal supplements that are occasionally recommended after surgery include Arnica montana, vitamin A, vitamin K, and vitamin C. Not all surgeons will agree that these remedies truly work. Do not go against your surgeon's wishes and obey his preoperative and postoperative instructions. Always ask your surgeon first before taking any medications. Back To Top 5. What is Arnica montana? I've heard that it can prevent or reduce bruising and lessen soreness. Arnica Montana (sometimes called just arnica) is an herbal remedy. Other names for the plant include mountain tobacco and leopard's bane. Arnica has been used in Europe for centuries to treat swelling, soreness, and bruising. There are many formulations of arnica from different companies. Sublingual (under the tongue) ... more
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