Should it be trendy?

Sonya123 Sonya

Hi, experts! I need a professional opinion. How to choose a haircut for man? Should it be trendy?

Natali Demon

The perfect haircut looks stylish, corresponds to the latest fashion trends, does not require styling, suits any type of face and … does not exist. Indeed, there is no such universal haircut that would suit any woman. Each of us will have to choose our own length and shape. To find out which haircut is right for you, you need to determine your face type.

Samara Samara123

First of all, it should be right for you. You should look harmonious and beautiful with your hairstyle. And of course it should be fashionable. I think that professionals can help you to choose it. Personally I like short haircuts for men . It looks good. You can choose something good there