Should Take Spiriva or Advair First?

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Q. Should you take Spiriva or Advair first. My husband takes Advair twice a day (morning & night) and Spiriva once a day (usually in the middle of the day). Is this the correct way to take this medicine? Iris A. Dear Iris, It does not make any known difference what sequence you use. Dr. Tom Lidocaine Use Prior to Bronchoscopies Q. One physician has requested lidocaine treatment via nebulizer prior bronchoscopies. Do you see a problem delivering the medication via nebulizer? Eileen A. Dear Eileen, No. This is a common practice in some pulmonologist technique of bronchoscopy. Dr. Tom Could Hyperinflated Lungs be the Caused of My Illness Q. Dr. Tom, I have recently returned from a vacation to Mexico and have been sick everyday since. My symptoms started with mid-sternal pressure radiating to into my back between my scapulae. The pain increased somewhat with inspiration, my temperature has been within normal the highest being 37.6 Celsius (low grade fever) I have been aching all over. I ... more
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