Speaking of sparkles, what's the secret to sewing confetti dot fabric without gunking up your needle?

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For confetti dot, I use this wonderful product called Sewers Aid which is a silicon liquid you can dab on the needle to keep it from gumming up, and I also dab a bit on the fabric if I don't have either a teflon or a rolling sewing foot on the machine (both also great for hard to sew fabrics). Lately, I've been sewing on sequins that thankfully do not have the gumming issue, but they can easily unravel from areas where the invisible thread holding them down has been cut (one of my big issues with the Light Yagami sequin suit), so I'll reinforce those sequins by sewing over them again. There's a variety of other things I use depending on the fabric. For instance, vinyl is really difficult to get through the machine because it has a tendency to stick to everything, and sometimes, I'll go that extra step in topstitching it to finish since it can't be ironed. In those cases, I've used water-soluble stablizer sewn directly on top of the fabric. more
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