Spices in Kentucky Fried Chicken - What Do They Use?

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1 Answer

The spices in Kentucky fried chicken are the reason for the delicious taste which has attracted millions of its customers and clients world wide. Basically, the company and manufacturer behind KFC have used only the best possible sources for their spices in Kentucky fried chicken. In fact, most spices included are taken from different countries to assure that they get it from the best possible source. The spices include a special pepper, salt, sugar, a spicy leaf and other commonly used spices. The special pepper used in the spice mixture is taken directly from Spain since it has provided a fertile ground to nourish and deepen the flavor of this spice. Other ingredients are taken from Italy since it has a wide variety of choices that provided many spices to restaurants all over the world. The secret in perfecting the tasty mixture is through a process of maturation where in the spices are mixed together and held in a container that is sealed tightly. After weeks of intensive ... more
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