Store-bought VS Custom-made curtains?

Home Improvement

Which is better? What are the pros and cons of each option?

Kate Horder

Choosing curtains for your home is a long process that involves making a lot of decisions. One of the crossroads you’ll find yourself in is that which requires you to choose between store-bought or custom-made curtains.


Store-bought curtains do provide certain advantages like speed—you can accomplish everything from purchase to installation all in a day. Another advantage is that they are likely to cost less than custom-made curtains. That said, an issue you might encounter is the limited options you have and low to no stocks for a specific design. When this happens, you may have to visit multiple stores just to find the curtains you need.


Custom-made curtains, on the other hand, take longer, and because of the customisation process, they also might cost a bit more than store-bought curtains. But the result is something you won’t regret since you’ll be more hands-on with a custom-made curtain. You have a say in every step, from fabric selection to choosing the best style, suitable length, and even the added details and features you want.


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