Stung by Pacific Lobster Tail?

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1 Answer

I prepared a Steak, Lobster & Chanterelle Mushroom dinner. Following dinner I thought I had broke a finger somehow making dinner? Later I noticed a small prick in my finger around the swelling. Now, 36 hours later my hand is swollen like a balloon, as Pink Floyd once said. Poisons lobster tails or what? Any Help Please Bob! just got pricked.... Hi Bob, hope your vacation was nice (sure it was), I was just doing a water change and foolishly moved my hand onto my long spine black urchin (the one with the blue and orange eye looking thing in the middle) got a couple pricks on the side of my finger, anything to worry about?, just don't tell me I'm dying, lol.....thanks for your time.... <Do soak the area in warm water (as hot as comfortable) and put a dab of Neosporin (or equivalent) more
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