The Bible says that Jesus gave the apostles the power to forgive sins (John 20:23). If all we need is God why did He give this authority to the apostles?

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The Holy Spirit was conferred on the Church and the power to forgive and retain was carried with the Church so that those in it may be retained or expelled on the direction of the Church. The capacity to do this rested only on the retention of the Spirit and the doctrine as given to the apostles. The Corinthian fornicator (1Cor. 5:5) was expelled so that his life might be saved at the Day of the Lord i.e. in the First Resurrection. He appears to have repented. Catholics have to bow their heads and/or genuflect when they enter their churches as the 'body of Jesus Christ' is ever present in the tabernacle on the altar - as a blessed host. How is it that Jesus Christ can be present in that piece of wafer? Also is it not wrong to worship another being other than the One True God? A: This practice is a variation on the doctrine that the bread and wine is the body and blood of Christ. This was taken once a year at the Lord's Supper on the evening of 14 Nisan, the day he was crucified. ...
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