The iFit Setup Utility Failed to Connect to my Network. How do I verify my connection?

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1 Answer

There are several reasons that the iFit Setup utility may be unable to connect you to your wireless network. The iFit wifi module has been tested on a large number of network configurations, but due to the sheer number of routers and access point devices available to the consumer, we cannot guarantee that your network will work with our wifi module. Please check the following items: DHCP - make sure that your router has DHCP enabled. 802.11B - The iFit Live Module only communicates using the 802.11B standard; make sure that your router is capable of broadcasting in 802.11B. Most "G" routers are set to mixed mode by default, which includes both G and B communication. Verify that your router is setup to broadcast in a mixed mode that includes B, or exclusively communicating in 'B' mode. Public SSID - The iFit Live Module can only connect to SSID's that are publicly broadcast; some routers are configured as private. Make sure that your router is broadcasting its SSID, or the wifi module ...
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