The rise of Islam was considered one of the most cultured and civilized of the time… Why is this?

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The rise of Islam was considered one of the most cultured and civilized of the time… Why is this?

John Smith


Everyone knows that Queen Elizabeth had her "Golden Age", right? Well, Islam actually had one as well. In fact, during the eight through eleventh centuries, the Islamic world could not be touched when it came to their advancements and riches. I believed it hit its peak some time during 1030 A.D. 

People seem to think that Islam has been around for thousands and thousands of years but that isn’t true. Actually, it is the youngest of the major religions–being born in the seventh current era. During the Golden Age, Islam unified one people under one language and under one religion. That hadn’t happened before since the days of Adam and Eve.

Just listing the accomplishments of Islam during their Golden Age would take days on end. They had several translation projects going ranging from English to Greek to Sanskrit. They were able to take the knowledge gathered from all corners of the earth and redefine medicine in record time. No other country could come close to the medical knowledge the Islamic world had. Public hospitals were introduced and even vetrinarians came into fruition. 

Alchemy and math came out of nowhere to redefine the modern world and actually opened the gateway to how China and Japan transformed into a global powerhouse. 

The only reason Islam’s Golden Age ended was because of religious differences between some of its leaders. If it weren’t for that, it was possible that Islam could have reigned much longer atop the ladder. 

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Islam, was created about the time of Mohammed’s birth in the seventh century. Mohammed wrote down the words of God as he heard them verbatim. This produced the Quran or Koran where Islamic Muslims, Christians Jews revered the same Gods including Abraham.Islamic scholars follwed the expansion of Islam into Europe where they were halted at Vienna and into Spain where the Islamic centre of Granada with its vaulted courtyards remain extant. Islam means submission which could include submission to peace. Islamic astronomers studied the Universe from their main observatory in Baghdad. Frmal’haut Fish Head is one of many stars named by Islamic astronomers. The Greek philosophers, plays and other documents were rescued by Islamic scholars when they copied them which preserved them for today’s scientists.

Islam today has been taken over by fundamentalists with the Sunni and Shi’ite sects at constant war. we thank Islam for preserving our past.