Thoughts on Joker?


I’m actually pretty surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Yeah, it’s a bit too derivative of Scorsese and you could argue a little shallow, but I had a pretty great time overall. Joaquin’s absolutely amazing in it, the dialogue’s pretty sharp, the soundtrack’s really haunting and, especially considering it’s Todd Philips, the direction’s not only solid, but occasionally pretty creative. I don’t know, call me crazy, but I thought it was great.


I thought the chat show finale was really off in a few ways. Arthur spelling the themes of the film out to us was on the nose, ham-fisted and totally unnecessary. I also found it completely unrealistic that a mainstream show would ever give a platform to someone like Arthur in the first place, let alone allow him to continue to talk at length after confessing to a triple murder. After it, I started playing hard to the browser game