Tongkat Ali Effects - How do I take it?

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1 Answer

It's best to cycle this product so you don't build up a tolerance over time. My recommendation is 2 days on max, then at least 3 days or 4 off before you start up again. Mix it up with other T boosters to keep your body guessing! Remember, if you don't take a break, the negative feedback mechanisms that rule the endocrine system will kick in, and the herb will stop working. Should I Buy an Extract or Whole Root Powder? There are a lot of bogus, overpriced, underdosed Tongkat Ali products on the market. I've tried several, and have been disappointed, and ripped off more than once. Avoid any product made from whole root powder, as it takes a whole lot of powder to get a dose big enough to feel the effects. The best products are made as pure extracts. The one I've found that gives the most bang for the buck is the 100:1 extract. Just double up on the dose, and you'll get the same bang for about half the price of the more expensive extracts. I've purchased the expensive stuff from ... more
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