Tracfone Text Messaging - How Much Does it Cost?

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1 Answer

What does it cost to Text? Sending a Text message with a Tracfone phone is simple. With the newer prepaid Tracfones you will pay .3 Minutes per text for sending and receiveing. The cost is relative to the price you are paying per minute. If you are paying 33 cents a minute then you are paying 11 cents each. If you are paying 8.8 cents per Tracfone Minute then you are paying 3 cents per message. The older Tracfones cost .5 units each way. There were a couple of older Tracfones that only charged to send, and free to receive texts. The Nokia 1100 is a free text receiver. Does Tracfone have Camera Phones? Tracfone has a couple Camera phones. The The LG 225, the LG 600g, and the Motorola W376 are all camera phones with DMFL. These DMFL camera Tracfones work on the GSM networks. What does it cost to send Pictures with Tracfone? You will be charged one minute and the time it takes to send your picture. The cost is normally three to five minutes per picture sent. more
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