Turn off voicemail with virgin mobile?

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2 Answers


Just dial #002# on your mobile phone and then hit call or send, depending on your device. This will disable the Virgin Mobile voicemail service.

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Yes this is rather annoying. By default all virgin phones have voice mail enabled. Even if you switch off diverts on your phone the network switches them back on for you! You have to call virgin customer services and tell them you want the voicemail default removed. Once they have set this up you can switch voicemail on or off by changing the divert settings on your phone. If you used to have an O2 or vodafone mobile you probably enjoyed the convenience of switching voicemail on or off by dialling a 3 or 4 digit number. Unfortunately virgin (and t-mobile) do not support this so you have to go through the tedious process of going into your call divert menus and switching it on and off in there. No idea why virgin have it on as standard because their voicemail retrieval is free of charge so they don't make any money on it? more

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