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Illinka Erika Posted

Advise a high-quality and powerful vacuum cleaner for home. I need not just a vacuum cleaner. But rather a whole cleaning system for cleaning and for cleaning the air. There is an asthmatic in the house.


Even the best vacuum cleaner can’t handle all the contaminants. From my experience, I advise you to order a cleaning service. My baby and I are allergic. So I’ve tried every known cleaning method at home. And the most effective one was cleaning. I use the services of SHEN. I learned about them at my work (I work in a restaurant), they clean not only houses, but also offices and restaurants – .

May Anderson

Yes. You need to find the right vacuum cleaner for your home. If you search, you can find quite the budget options. For example, look at this comparative review about severin vacuum vs miele here. Here the information is given in the simplest and most visual way. Pay attention to the weight and power of vacuum cleaners. It should be convenient for you in everyday use.


I think that in your case a robot vacuum cleaner is suitable. This device works independently during the day and removes dust on time. Dust is usually the main source of asthma.


There is a relatively new type of vacuum cleaner that is the central vacuum powerheads Such a system is better at cleaning the house. Moreover, the air from the cleaning immediately goes to the street. This is especially important when there is an asthmatic in the home.


With the current developments of manufacturers of household appliances, it will be difficult for you to choose. Now there are not just vacuum cleaners. Have you heard of central vacuum powerheads?