Was Hitler solely responsible for causing WW2?

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Hitler wasn't solely responsible for the war no. The victors of the first world war played more than a minor role in the second world war through the treaty of versailles. France was bitter again at having been invaded and large reparation was imposed on Germany who was forced to accept all blame for the first world war. The treatment led to feelings of betrayal amongst the German people who felt that the Wiemar Republic had stabbed them in the back by allowing the nation to fall into such disgrace. To pay the reparation Germany took out massive loans from the US, when the banks collapsed in 1929 the Us lenders called in the loans landing Germany in hot water. In an effort to repay the debt the Germans began rapidly printing money resulting in high levels of inflation which often rose several times a day making money worthless and leading to increased poverty. Hitler capitalised on the inflation and unemployment and promised to restore Germany to greatness, and so he managed to won ... more
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