Was it really better to not evacuate for Hurricane Harvey due to the chaos that creates?

alan avak Posted

I know the Houston mayor stated that past evacuations have not worked well for Houston but could there have been a smaller voluntary evacuation order that would have helped?  I’m only really looking for experts who have some expertise in this area of massive evacuations and disasters with fact based information.  I do believe its very very hard to evacuate a huge city like Houston and some people do not have the money to evacuate anyway.

Alice Dark

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Onabanjo Babajide

People disproportionately die in cars from floods, so evacuation is not as straightforward a call as seems.


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Antony Burgos

Evacuating a city like Houston is not easy, because of the amount of population, in the mass media and social networks, facebook video download about what happened in that hurricane and I think that when there is chaos the population looks for their means to survive, it is very complicated a massive appraisal