Was King Charles I a Protestant or a Catholic???

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1 Answer

England was a Protestant nation at the time of Charles I coronation. Charles was raised as a Protestant, who was also deeply religious. He favored the high Anglican form of worship, with much ritual, while many of his subjects, particularly in Scotland, wanted plainer forms. Charles preferred church services to be grand and full of ritual and colour. This was to lead to a clash with many in England who preferred plain and simple services. However, later on Charles found himself ever more in disagreement on religious and financial matters with many leading citizens. Having broken an engagement to the Spanish infanta, he had married a Roman Catholic, Henrietta Maria of France, and this only made matters worse. This is when people started to question his faith, and whether his French wife had any influences on his behavior, which eventually led to the English Civil War. Note: Charles started off a true Protestant, but may have secretly started to follow Catholicism in his later years. ... more
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