Was Samson married to Delilah?

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1 Answer

In the St. Joseph Concise Bible History my daughter is using in her 5th grade Religion class, it is stated on page 34, 2nd paragraph; Samson's second wife was named Delilah. As I checked in our home bibles, there is absolutely nowhere in the Bible that says Samson and Delilah were married. He was married to the woman from Timnah before she was murdered, but I have always understood Samson and Delilah to be just lovers, not yet married or ever married for that matter. In this day I think it is important to verify the Truth the Scriptures say. Can anyone out there prove this couple was either married or just lovers and isn't their a distinct difference between the two kinds of relationships. I do not like to teach my daughter something that is either watered down or changed for any reason. If they were married the Bible clearly does not say this and it has been handed down to us as they were lovers, a situation Samson seemed to find trouble with. A good lesson for our young people ... more
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