was Solomon unjust to kill Adonijah for requesting Abishag as his wife?

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1 Answer

No. On the surface, this appeared like a innocent request. However, Solomon was wise to detect ulterior motives because of the following combination: 1. Adonijah being older. 2. Adonijah had already shown he would do things (like being crowned) secretly without the king knowing it. 3. Adonijah's supporters were still around. 4. This marriage of the oldest son would strengthen his claim to be king. 5. Scripture gives no indication that Adonijah even liked Abishag or vice versa. If this request was not motivated out of love, then what other motive could there be? The first three reasons were not sufficient for Solomon to "convict" Adonijah, because Adonijah asked for forgiveness and Solomon forgave him for what apparently was a past attitude that would not be repeated. However, Solomon was wise to still watch him cautiously, when Adonijah tried to make any move to strengthen his power, Solomon seized upon that. If Solomon simply had refused, Adonijah could tell others of the king's ... more
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