Weed Thread


Outta the shadows, baby.  I know some of you are smokers, even if you won’t admit it, and all of the Pac-12 states have legalized marijuana medically, to some degree.  Oregon, Washington, California, and Colorado all will have recreational marijuana in 2018.  The vast majority of people in the U.S. favor decriminalization at the minimum and legal recreational use is favored by 60%.

This is a boom waiting to happen.  One of the things I’m learning in the industry is that the venture capitalists — despite the risks of RICO prosecutions and the banking complications and the restrictions on vertical integration for a single owner — are POURING millions into this.  It will be the next great economic boom of the 21st century.  Anyone with misconceptions about marijuana oughta get set right, or find themselves stuck in the past.

As for the plant itself, and its use, it does not cause people to go crazy (Don, that’s for you), it doesn’t cause ill health effects for the most part (some heavy users could see lung issues, long term, but nothing on the level with cigarettes), and it has a seemingly endless list of therapeutic effects for arthritis sufferers, anxiety sufferers, people undergoing chemo, people with appetite issues, etc.  It’s also been proven to be a tool against the opioid epidemic, not a factor exacerbating that epidemic.

Got questions?  Want to know the difference between hemp and cannabis, CBD and THC?  Ask here.  Interested in trying marijuana but have some nagging doubts?  Ask away.  I’m officially becoming an expert on this issue.  (Emphasis on “becoming”)

Support Jeff Sessions’ insistence that we ramp up the war on drugs and destroy an already-billion-dollar industry in multiple states?  Perhaps you need to be educated.


By the way, guys, what do you think about various cannabis gummies? I would like to try something like that and I have checked different online shops with gummies but I still don’t know what to choose so I hope that someone here will be able to help with such things here. Thanks in advance for any help.


Hello, I can say that I have tried many varieties and varieties of cannabis, and most of all I liked medical cannabis, it does not slow down the reaction and coordination of movements, with a small dose of use it is not visible to the person who used hemp, it also does not harm the body and does not is addictive. I have seen the largest selection of medical cannabis varieties in the dispensary , where you can legally buy it, but in general, in principle, I do not recommend anyone to use cannabis!