Were there Filipino cannibals?

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Hi! I am a Filipino. There are some cannibals among Philippine tribes - but cannibalism is NOT as widespread as it is among certain Melanesian tribes in Pacific Islands. Most cannibals in the Philippines are those who live in the Cordillera mountains - some Itneg, Isneg, Kalinga, and Bontok tribes used to be cannibals - but then, not all of them were - only a small minority of them. Rather, they are known more for being headhunters - chopping off the head of enemies they have killed. There are some hilltribes in both Palawan and Mindanao living in caves - so far they have not been documented to cannibalize and are now being Christianized and Westernized to some extent. I know a person from Kalinga Province (Philippines) who has confessed to have eaten ten human beings - those of his enemies - but then he has felt remorse ever since and is now fully rehabilitated. As a Filipino and an inhabitant of the Philippines, let me assure you, cannibalism is extremely rare in Philippine ... more
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Well cannibalism is just a culture that is passed down through generations,every culture has its distinct explanation.Cannibalism in the philippines are practised on the moutanious area in luzon and also in palawan.actually this is not totally cannibalism because they only preserves the heads of their enemies as a trophy.Because when we say cannibalism it is a practised that kills and eats its victim.,and these practised is never recorded in the annals of the Philippine History.

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