What’s the most stressful part about being a corporate events coordinator?

Lester Howard

corporate events coordinator…


Being an event coordinator is often thought of as a glamorous job. You get to be the brain behind a successful product launch or the revelation of a brand new business model. But behind the glitz and glamour, there are so many things that make the life of a corporate events coordinator a stressful one. But if ever you’re going to have a takeaway from this answer, just remember that almost, if not all the reasons behind the stress is somewhat related to time.


Yes, it’s that four-letter word that can either work on your favor or to your disadvantage. Even coordinators love to have everything ready way ahead of the event day but, when the unexpected happens like when the speaker can’t find the conference venue, or when another 20 guests need to be seated because they didn’t register online. Almost everything has to do with time. That’s why Bumble Events, an event planner in London, outlines in their website their rule of thumb when it comes to planning times for events. Corporate events must be planned six to eight months before the day itself, while wedding planning needs to start at least a year prior to the wedding.