What 406 MHz ELT is recommended to replace an existing Artex ELT-110-4 or ELT-100HM?

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The Artex ME406 is the ideal ELT to replace an existing ELT110-4 or ELT-100HM. Although it is a different size, the ME406's mounting tray has the same mounting tray hole pattern as the ELT110-4 and ELT-100HM. This statement is also true for other non-406 MHz ELTs such as the Narco ELT-10 and ELT-910, Artex ELT-200 and Pointer 3000 ELT. The ME406 can use the existing 100 series remote switch. The connector would need to be changed but the wiring is the same. The rod and blade antennas between the 100 series and 406 systems have the same mounting footprint.
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