What age should I cut my pit bull's ears and tail?

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First of all, a pit bull should never have it's tail cut! A pit bull needs their tail for balance. This used to be very important in the past because they needed their tail for balance when fighting. Today it's just as important as ever because many pit bulls are still used for working purposes. We use our dog's for catching wild boar and having the tail for balance is a must. A pit bull puppy should have it's ears cut anywhere from 9-13 weeks of age. The time frame varies according to the vet that you are using but this is the optimal timeframe. This in no way is done for fighting purposes. We would never fight our dogs, as they are our family members. I feel that having the ears cut makes a big difference in the look of the dog. It is purely cosmetic and provides a clean polished look. However, leaving the ears uncut is a personal preference that you will have to decide for yourself. Cut ears require extra care (for at least 1 week) and costs around $400 to have done. We do not ... more
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