What animal has the biggest ears?

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—Richard, 10 Hear ye! Hear ye! We are ready to announce the winner of the Largest Ears Ever contest—the amazing African elephant! With ears that are four feet wide and six feet from top to bottom, he's the hands-down champion. Why do alligators eat meat and not vegetables? —Puri To tell you the tooth, alligators have a meat-based diet because of their teeth! You see, alligators can't chew their food—and chewing is necessary for digesting plants and vegetables. Alligators are designed to eat other animals—and they swallow them whole. When it comes to finding food, alligators are not hunters. They aren't gatherers, either—they're lurkers! Yup, that's right. Alligators hide out in murky water and wait for something edible to walk or swim by and then—SNAP!—they grab it with their big, toothy jaws. And alligators eat just about everything, including fish, turtles, frogs, birds and mammals like buffalo, zebras and monkeys. Hope that answers your question, Puri. Later, gator! Is there such ...
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