What animals are associated with the Seven Deadly Sins?

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1 Answer

Sorry, same answer. There doesn't seem to be any sort of consistent pattern here. Maybe a pig for Gluttony, a peacock for Pride? Maybe a Pride of Lions. Too much virtue is bad and not enough vice is bad. Please tell everyone this. (Not really a question.) Early Christians and Greek philosophers would disagree. If you can have too much, it isn't an instrinsic good. When people talk about "too much love," they really mean the "wrong kind of love," which isn't love at all. Obsessive self destruction, maybe, but not love. In the same way, some people claim a certain amount of Pride is good. Again, there is no basis for this in the Scriptures or Church teaching. Pride was the downfall of Lucifer, the first humans and their children. Oedipus' overweaning Pride destroyed him and those around him. Over and over again, Pride causes grief. Why would we want to defend it? Then again, some people keep dangerous pets that eventually eat their child (or their neighbor's) so it must be (fallen) ... more
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