What animals are native to North America?

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1 Answer

Bobcat, bald eagle, American bison, American alligator, eastern diamondback rattlesnake, elk, American black bear, woodchuck (also called groundhog), mountain beaver, American beaver, North American porcupine, Canadian lynx, coyote, kit fox, swift fox, common raccoon, black-footed ferret, fisher, American badger, striped skunk, North American river otter, mule deer, pronghorn. Sorry nurnord, but you're mistaken about the Kodiak bear, grizzly bear and cougar. The Kodiak and grizzly are subspecies of the brown bear, which is also found in Europe and Asia. Whilst those subspecies are only found in North America, the species itself is more widespread. Cougars are found throughout Central and South America as well as North America. more
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