What animals do people like most as pets?

Sabrina B Posted

What pets are most likable?

Alex Wolzchkov

Still cat fashion? But there is no one faithful than dog. I have both a cat and a dog, so the dog greets me with joy, and the cat is just like an egoist, only eats and sleeps. I took the dog from this siteĀ http://dogpeer.com.au and did not regret it, and now I have a really best friend at home!

Lubna Shaikh

Cats and dogs are usually kept as pets in our homes. It is also likely that most people prefer animals like a goat and chicken, birds such as a parrot and pigeon as pets for themselves. It is really cool to keep pets at home in an amazing way and especially take proper care of them too.

Lucy Georgieva-Collins

most people prefer dogs and cats for pets.i personally think that Yorkshire terriers are the best for a family with children. very loving, don’t loose any hair, they are anti allergic for the children. I love my one to bits and can’t imagine having another dog.


The best pet comes down to your own preference, and opinion. Statistically the 5 categories of most sold pets in stores happen to be dogs, cats, reptiles, rodents, and water creatures; however, I have witnessed others with exotic animals as pets.


dogs and cats are mostly liked as pets but it depend on an individuals choice.