What animals do people like most as pets?

Sabrina B Posted Nerty edited answer

What pets are most likable?

Nerty Nerty edited answer

I believe that for each owner of a dog or cat, his pet is the best. For me, the best is my wonderful dog, who runs all day not only in my yard to the garden and lawn, but also runs to the neighbors. To avoid trouble with my neighbors, I installed an underground dog fence system that perfectly protects my estate and prevents my pet from running where he does not need.

Maxim Bessmertniy

I think, most people choose cats and dogs as pets. Personally I have both a cat and a dog, and I can’t imagine my life without them. But of course, I have to take care of them. Thanks to the Internet I can always find all necessary information about different diseases, their symptoms and treatment. Also it is possible to use Pet Express to read the descriptions of the needed pills and order pet medications and other products.

Axelle Jardin

I love cats more than dogs, I think that they are a bit smarter, also this amazing feeling, when they are purring. i have brought few weeks ago automatic cat feeder for my britain cat so does it mean that I`m crazy?) I mean I am not talking with people as much as I do this with my cat… I just want to know are there any cat lovers like me?)


I think in any case the winners will be either cats or dogs) For me, dogs are more attractive. Although, I still love hamsters


The eternal dispute of dog people and cat people. I tend to believe that there are more cat lovers but only because it is much easier to keep them. You don’t need to walk outside with cats, for example. After all, it’s time-consuming. It is necessary to train dogs to calm to make them less barking. Yeah, you can get one the best dog barking deterrents (if you don’t know about it take a look https://petstiger.com/best-dog-barking-deterrent/) but still, you have to do a lot of work. But keeping cats is another story. I have two and I experience no difficulty with them.