What animals do people like most as pets?

Sabrina B Posted Nerty edited answer

What pets are most likable?

Kara Fraine

Dogs and cats are usually the most common house pet found. There are families who do raise birds though or fish, yet the most common is a dog or a cat in the average household.


The best pet comes down to your own preference, and opinion. Statistically the 5 categories of most sold pets in stores happen to be dogs, cats, reptiles, rodents, and water creatures; however, I have witnessed others with exotic animals as pets.

Kumar Dave

It totally depends upon a persons mentality that which pet to like or dislike. There are people who likes dogs as pets and hates cats as pet.

But mostly people like dogs, cats, birds and fish mostly as their pets.

Rabbits, turtle, snakes, pigs and rats are liked less by people as their pets but many do keep them as their pets.


Most people prefer Dogs like Golden Retriever, Pugs, Akitas etc. as well as cats however you also have the option of getting smaller animals like hamsters, birds, fishes for people who have never had a pet before

Nerty Nerty edited answer

I believe that for each owner of a dog or cat, his pet is the best. For me, the best is my wonderful dog, who runs all day not only in my yard to the garden and lawn, but also runs to the neighbors. To avoid trouble with my neighbors, I installed an underground dog fence system that perfectly protects my estate and prevents my pet from running where he does not need.