What are Bilateral Renal Cysts?

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Renal cyst is a type of kidney infection. A renal cyst is a round space in the kidney which is filled with the watery liquid. This sphere has no irregularities in it. As a person crosses the age of 50, there are 50-50 chances that he/she will develop a simple cyst in the kidney. He/she may also have bilateral renal cysts which means cysts in both the kidneys. This cyst may grow in size with the increase in the age of the person. Hyperdense cyst is a type of simple renal cyst. There's blood within its walls. Simple renal cysts are the most common types of renal cysts. These do not complicate further into kidney cancer and have no medical implications. If there is only one simple cyst in each kidney, then it is not a major issue. But if there are more than one renal cysts, then it is a cause for concern. Multiple Bilateral Renal Cysts When there are a number of cysts in both the kidneys, the person is said to have multiple bilateral renal cysts. Experts believe that when these cysts ... more
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