What Are Chitlins and Cracklins?

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Chitlins and cracklins have been popular in the South as long as the South has existed. Supposedly, they became popular when poor Southerners had to use every scrap of available food in order to have anything at all to eat. Anyone lucky enough to have a pig took great effort to avoid wasting any portion of it. Thus, everything was eaten; feet, ears, skin, intestines...it all wound up on the table. Chitlins and Hog Maw are pig intestines and stomach. Cracklins are made from pork fat. Chitlins are called Chitterlings if you go looking for them in a store. We use the terms "chitlins" and "chitterlings" interchangeably on this web site. They are generally boiled or fried and while they may not sound appetizing, if you have never tried them they are quite tasty. Chitlins are typically served as a side dish while cracklins may be used as a side dish, appetizer or in cooking. Cracklins are very popular in Cracklin Cornbread (recipe). Here's our Cracklins Recipe It is very important to ... more
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