What are generally the worst days to eat fresh fish and fresh seafood in a restaurant?

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Usually Sunday and Monday. Most restaurants get their fresh fish just before the busy weekend (Friday or Saturday; a few get some on Sunday, but most dont). This means that on Sunday you may be eating fresh fish that has been sitting in the restaurants cooler for two or three days (and possibly up to a week before that at the warehouse). And on Monday, youre probably eating whatever was over-ordered for the weekend all the fish they didnt sell! • What about the Special of the Day? Sometimes its anything but special. Depending on the restaurant, the special may be something the kitchen prepared too much of a day or two ago and needs to get rid of before it goes bad. Although the low price may be tempting, it may be a price on old food. (To learn yuck how food goes bad, click here.) • Lemon for your tea or water? You might get a little more than you expected. Was the lemon cleaned properly before it was cut? Although the acid in the meat of the lemon can fight bacterial growth to an ... more
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