What are good or bad numbers from the WAN status page?

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As seen in this post by dynodb : »Intermittent Disconnects and Lag, Qwest DSL These are the stats I'd mainly look at: Speed (down/up): 1536 / 736 Kbps Near End CRC Errors (I/F): 2/0 Far End CRC Errors (I/F): 2/0 Near End RS FEC (I/F): 1224/0 Far End RS FEC (I/F): 2499775/0 SNR Margin (Downstream/Upstream): 6/6 Attenuation (Downstream/Upstream): 63/63 The speed tells you what you're trained at. That he's trained at under the maximum rate of 896 or 1024k says that the modem and DSLAM couldn't connect at a higher rate without the SNR dropping below 6dB. Errors- near end are those recieved at the modem, far end are those reported by the DSLAM. CRC's are uncorrectable errors, FEC errors are those corrected through interleaving. You'll always see at least a couple of errors, but if they increment heavily, it's likely going to be a problem. SNR margin- Signal to Noise Ratio margin. This is the SNR above the minimum SNR needed to sustain a certain speed. If it takes 20dB to connect at a ... more
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