What are Huggies Diapers made from?

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Huggies diapers are made up of quite a few ingredients. They are broken down into the following: • The padding inside Huggies diapers is made of a mixture of wood pulp and what we call Super Absorbent Material. The Super Absorbent Material is a polyacrylate crystal, which absorbs moisture and is the main absorbency material in our diapers. This turns into a gel, minor amounts of which can sometimes be found on your baby’s skin during use. Don’t worry it will not harm your child in any way. • The diapers are held together by glue. • Huggies have a cloth like outer cover. • Inside the diaper below the liner, there is what’s called a surge layer. This is made of polypropylene and polyethylene and helps with rapid absorption, spreading the urine equally throughout the diaper. • Between the surge layer and padding there is a layer of plain white tissue which helps to keep the padding in place. • There is no latex used at all in the manufacture process. more
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