What are IA Products? How do they differ from IA Enabled Products?

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1 Answer

An IA product is an IT product or technology whose primary purpose is to provide security services (e.g., confidentiality, authentication, integrity, access control and non-repudiation of data); correct known vulnerabilities; provide layered defense against various categories of non-authorized and malicious penetrations of information systems or networks. Examples include such products as data/network encryptors, firewalls and intrusion detection devices. An IA-enabled product is a product or technology whose primary role is not security, but which provides security services as an associated feature of its intended operating capabilities. To meet the intent of NSTISSP #11, acquired IA-enabled products must be evaluated if the IA features are going to be used to perform one of the security services (availability, integrity, confidentiality, authentication, or non-repudiation). Therefore, the determination of whether an IA-enabled product must be evaluated will be dependent upon how ... more
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