What are incendiary devices?

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Incendiary devices are firebombs. These devices range from the simple Molotov cocktail (bottle, gasoline, rag, match), to much larger and sophisticated bombs. They may include napalm or any large container filled with flammable fluids and ignited by some sort of fuse. Q: What can incendiary devices do? A: Incendiary devices are capable of causing loss of life and property damage from fire. Incendiary devices are also used to generate panic. Q: Are these devices considered terrorist weapons? A: Yes, they can be used in terrorist attacks; however, the use of incendiary devices is difficult to classify as terrorism. Incidents are often misidentified as arson, insurance fraud or other non-terrorist criminal activity. Q: When have terrorists used incendiary devices? A: Terrorists have used incendiary devices for many years. The Irish Republican Army's (IRA) use of incendiary devices throughout Europe is one example. Symptoms Q: What should I expect my community to be like following an ... more
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